Swimming Pool

No matter your age or level, our instructors will teach you how to swim, or improve your skills and fitness. With 2 Indoor and 4 Outdoor Pools, PacPlex has a professional trained, Red Cross certified staff for all activities and programs in swimming. After reviewing our programs and activities which follow, contact our Aquatics Director at 718-209-1010 ext 106 or by email at pacswim@pacplex.com for more information.


The six PacPlex pools are available for hourly, daily or season rental. Please call 718-209-1010 ext 132 or email at pacswim@pacplex.com for more information.

swim classes

Swim Schedule

PacPlex offers a diverse swim program. We have instructions by our professional licensed staff to teach from beginners to advance. Scheduled during the course of the year are the following programs.


30 Minutes

It’s never too early to get your child/ children into swimming. Parent and Child classes incorporate cooperation and trust between both participants and creates a fun environment where games and songs help children become more comfortable in the water.


30 Minutes

Our Preschool-age swim classes help orient students to the aquatic environment and help them acquire rudimentary levels of basic aquatic skills. Children gain water confidence, front and back float, paddle with and then without personal flotation devices.

Preschool 1: Full assistance in the lesson, students will be partaking in their first class independent of parental interaction. There will be a focus on safety in both entering and exiting the pools, recognizing the aquatics staff, and completing tasks to get children more comfortable with the water.

Preschool 2: Reiteration of some of the skills from Preschool 1, students are more accustomed to the water and will begin focusing on more fine motor skills, coordination, and practicing swim skills with minimal assistance.

Preschool 3: The final class for the Preschool program, the students will prepare for their transition into the Learn to swim program. Upon graduation from the Preschool program learn to swim Level 1 will go over more of the basics, including breathing, kicking, and floating with full independence.

Level 1-4: 6yr-12yr


45 minutes

Level 1 – For beginners, people that have never had a dedicated swim class before. Students learn how to survive in the water before learning how to thrive in the water. Heavy emphasis on Breathing, Kicking, and Floating

Level 2 – For more advanced beginners, generally level 2 students have taken a class before. They will learn the basics of freestyle, rotary breathing, streamline, etc.

Level 3 – Intermediate swimmers, generally level 3 students have knowledge of more than one swimming stroke. They will learn the basics of backstroke and elementary backstroke while improving on their pre-existing skills.

Level 4 – The Highest level of swimming offered at PacPlex, Students must have knowledge of Freestyle/Front crawl, and Backstroke. Students will learn the basics of butterfly and breaststroke while also learning how to improve their skills in timing, speed, strength, etc.

$10 [Free for Pacplex Members]

1 Hour

Aqua Zumba/ Aquatic Cross Training

Come join our great trainers for an extensive aquatic training program that is open for all beginners. Swim Experience, No Experience, No Problem! Feel the full workout which blends the active philosophy with water resistance. There is less impact on your joints during an Aqua Zumba/ Aquatic Cross Training class so you can really feel the extension and stretching of your joints. Water creates natural resistance, which means every step is more challenging and helps tone your muscles.

Flexible schedules available, instructors customize their lesson plans to your learning and fitness needs:

Private Lesson

(6yrs and up) 1 on 1 with an instructor

45 mins in length

3 Lessons: $120 5 Lessons: $200 10 Lessons: $320

(6yrs and up) Up to 3 people* with an instructor

*if students are under the age of 18 they must be within a 2 year age range ie 6yr & 8yr

45 mins in length

5 Lessons: $145 10 Lessons: $200

(6mo-3yrs) One Parent must be in the water with their infant/child

30 mins in length

3 Lessons: $90 5 Lessons: $150 10 Lessons: $260


[4yrs-5yrs we DO NOT offer private lessons for they can sign up for Pre-school classes as an alternative]

Pac-Team: 10yr-18yr


1-2 hours

Pac-Team is the first swim team based program offered at Pacplex, created by the Aquatics director Kai Reynolds, this program encompasses both dry land and in water exercises with the emphasis on speed, form, and endurance. Students will also compete against other swim teams, and aquatic staff.


PAC Swim Policies

  • A minimum of 3 students per class must register or class may be canceled or combined with another level (e.g. Level 1 & 2)
  • Parents are not allowed on the pool deck during swimming class
  • No “Make-ups” if student misses a class
  • No refunds or credits will be given if student misses a class unless the PACPLEX Swim Academy was responsible for cancelling class