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Pac gymnastics







Birthday Parties

Parents with kids enrolled in our Fall 2012 sports programs, we thank you for enduring with us as we recover from Hurricane Sandy. In January we will be offering a Super Saturday program free of charge to all the kids who were registered in any of our Fall sporting programs. Please call us for more details at 718-531-1111. Rebuilding our gymnastics facilities is a huge undertaking and will take us a couple months. Please continue to bear with us, we will return better than ever. We hope to have a facility that will even allow us to host tournaments.

Gymnastics Director: Linette Bernstein


•Pre-Gymnastics -  2 years – 4 years

Boys and girls are introduced to basic body mechanics. Children learn jumping, landing, running and rolling with an introduction to the apparatus. Focus on discipline, patience and self-awareness.

*Saturday             9:00 am   

Jumping Jacks

• Beginners - 4 years – 9 years

Boys and Girls improve on their basic motor skills learning balance and special awareness. A concentration on floor, vaulting, bars, beam, rings and FUN!

*Monday              5:00 pm

*Wednesday         5:30 pm

*Saturday             10:00 am

Little Swingers

• Advanced Beginners - 3 years – 7 years

An extra push for girls with superior strength and flexibility and natural ability. (must try out)

*Friday                 5:30 pm

*Saturday             10:00 am

Leaping Lizards

• Advanced Beginners - 5 years – 8 years

An extra push for boys with superior strength and flexibility and natural ability. (must try out)

*Tuesday                     6:30 pm

*Saturday             10:00 am

Rock ’n Rollers

• Intermediate - 8 years – 12 years

A big focus on grace and flexibility as girls learn to move forwards and backwards on all 4 of the women’s apparatus. Tramp, pit and flying belt are also utilized.

*Friday                 5:30 pm

*Saturday             10:00 am

The Flippers

• Beginners - 9 years and up

For Boys working  to increase strength and flexibility. Gymnasts will learn basic to advanced tumbling and apparatus. Work on all mens’ disciplines.

*Monday                          6:30 pm

*Saturday             11:00 am


The Super Splits

• Beginners - 9 years and up

For Girls from novice to intermediate who want to learn more. A big concentration on body preparation. Basic Skills are learned and mastered on all four womens’ disciplines.

*Monday                          6:00 pm

*Saturday             11:00 am

The Kippers

• Advanced - 6 years and up

For boys able to do handstands, cartwheels, backbends, and pullovers. Gymnasts will need to be evaluated for this class.

*Tuesday                         6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

*Saturday             10:00 am – 12:00pm

The Aireals

• Intermediate / Advanced – 9 years and up

This class is designed for gymnasts who would like to be more serious ( must have at least one solid year of training). Advanced tumbling and aireal moves on floor and apparatus.

*Wednesday         6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

*Saturday             11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Tumbling For Cheerleaders

• Beginner - Advanced – 6 years and up

Girls work on tumbling only. Work on flexibility, jumps, flips and pyramid building.

*Friday                7:30 pm

Tumbling For High School

• Beginner - Advanced – 13 years – 18 years

Boys and girls focus on floor work and learn routines with dance and tumbling.

*Saturday             12:00 pm

Advanced Tumbling

• Advanced – 7 years and up

Boys and girls focus on floor work and learn routines with dance and tumbling.

*Tuesday                         6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

*Saturday             12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

“Older is Better”

• 20 years and up

Can you bend down and touch your toes? This class is designed for the mature person who is looking for a new thrill. The concentration is on flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. Basic work on all gymnastics apparatus. Everyone moves at a pace equivalent to their level.

*Tuesday                            7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Competitive Team

• For skilled gymnasts

Tryouts –            October 6th 2012

                            December 15th 2012

                            June 1st 2013

Contact Pac Gymnastics for class schedule and prices.

Pac Swim at PACPLEX
1500 Paerdegat Ave N.
Canarsie, Brooklyn, 11236
(718) 531-1111 ext 110
email: gymnastics@pacplex.com






Current Fees and Policies

1 x wk    1hour      $250
2 x wk    2hour      $500
1 x wk    1.5 hr      $375
1 x wk    2hour      $450

- We accept registration at any time based on space availability. Late  registrants will be prorated.

- No refund or credit will be given if you miss a class.
- No make-up classes unless Pac Kids cancels a class.
- Classes may be combined in the number of students are very low.
- Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Your space is reserved with payment.

(polices and fees are subject to change, this site is not updated daily)

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